Update 1.3.0

Summer Update

  • New Desert side quest
  • New 5 Desert levels
  • New Desert boss
  • Two New Desert Enemy Tanks
  • New Desert Tank skin (Beat Desert World and you unlock Desert Tank skins)
  • Add toggle full screen button F10
  • Fix default tank skin idle animation, now higher quality
  • Fix player bullet push land mine, now land mine explode when player bullet hit
  • Fix mini tank skin in over world show wrong skin
  • Fix Snow Boss level ending
  • Fix  move Final Boss kill area
  • Fix Space Bonus level wrong song play
  • Fix Snow Tank skin over world not turn right up and down
  • Fix H character in Fonts
  • When press Esc two times its unpause game
  • Hide mouse when game ”are you sure want quit” answer no or press Esc
  • Fix save location right name,  Mac and maybe even Win?


The Little Tank Hunter.zip 137 MB
May 21, 2021
The Little Tank Hunter.dmg 141 MB
May 21, 2021

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